Making luxury affordable, Ketan Diamonds sparkle bright in a highly competitive online jewelry market

Supriya Sampath, Founder Ketan Diamonds

Diamonds are rare and precious. So are their designers in jewelry making. Supriya Sampath a jewelry designer and specialist in diamonds cast a magical spell on all with her unique creations.

She is the founder and visionary behind Ketan Diamond’s online business.

We call it a magical spell as her collections are made affordable, are of top-notch quality and brought to the doorstep of their customers. Wouldn’t it be any woman’s dream come true to own a collection of such jewelry?

Ketan Diamonds has been working exactly in this direction to help you, and deliver your choice right at your doorstep! Well, you can’t ask for more.

Supriya Sampath had a passion for diamonds and an eye for amazing diamond designing. She and her husband Sampath Raj embarked on their glittering journey of diamonds early in life. While Sampath owned jewelry business, his better half Supriya contributed in her own creative way.

She added diamond products to their collection of jewelry to add an edge to their business. By offering ethnic and latest diamond designs she made her mark in this arena. The efforts paid off. The quality and designs of the jewelry were a hit with the customers, and the sale of diamond jewelry took off.

Ketan Diamond Design

After over a decade of work in the diamond business, she strode into e-commerce. Striking a conversation with Expanrr as to how it all started, she quips :

“We felt it’s important to keep pace with the changing times and brought up the idea of starting an e-commerce jewelry store to cater to the internet-savvy jewelry buyers of today’s digital era”

However, there are many players on the digital platform and so are there challenges. You face numerous hurdles in the way of establishing a successful e-commerce platform. So we wanted to know the initial hurdles that came knocking her door. She looks back on her journey and highlights two key threats that challenged her business :

  • Fierce price competition by competitors
  • Attaining the trust of the customers as a new entrant in the online jewelry market.

Like any other shrewd entrepreneur, she anticipated and built into her business several aspects. Studying market trends, consumer behavior, suppliers, banks, government support agencies were the pioneering efforts made. Introducing new trends and designs, adequate promotion, brand building exercise and establishing corporate connect were the marketing efforts she worked on.

Talking of marketing trends, the fashion industry survives on ‘change’ be it clothing or jewelry. As the trends keep on changing year on year, she avers:

“Women, who love wearing different types of Indian jewelry, would keep on trying and verifying new jewelry trends.”

Therefore, she created a host of well-designed collections to meet the imminent trends. She has put on sale through her online store: Nature-inspired jewelry, rose gold diamond jewelry, multi-layered jewelry, temple jewelry, trendy diamond Mangalsutra, occasion centric jewelry, handmade jewelry, customized name embossed jewelry to mention a few.

Working her way in the diamond business she realized that the aptest way of beating the odds was to achieve the 3 P’s – Purity, Perfection and Preciousness. Every piece created by her had these 3 elements.

Therefore we asked her to elaborate on how she visualizes her collections and the emotional appeal her jewelry has on her women customers. Supriya is too happy to reveal the sensitive side of her jewelry making. She shares:

“When we launch a new collection, we want the women wearing the piece to feel happy and in love with what she is wearing. Whenever we launch a new collection, we always keep women’s respect as a key factor in our collection”

Well, her collections namely, ‘hold my heart’ or ‘the glam voyage’ reflects the emotional bonding she has with everyone around her. Therefore she emphasizes that women deserve the best in class diamond and gold jewelry. Her aim is to make all those women feel special, fashionable and most importantly happy.

Besides catering to consumer’s perceptions, Ketan Diamonds provide for some creative pointers that guide their jewelry website’s appeal. Supriya likes to keep the website simple and user-friendly. All the collections are easily visible and images are also hyperlinked for quick access.

2500 designs of gold and diamond jewelry are made available on their website. So, the customers have prompt chat support facility, which can help the users in deciding the right kind of jewelry.

Moreover, with in-house master craftsmen working relentlessly, outstanding jewelry pieces are created each being a masterpiece. The technical team puts up the best of images to handle e-display. With a dedicated team and hard work of the highest caliber, Ketan Diamonds is a unique online jewelry store that stands apart from the rest.

With creativity and passion for ‘becoming second to none’, the company’s goal of becoming India’s numero – uno online jewelry store is what makes the products and designs so unique and valuable.

Of course, market leadership is the dream of every business venture. Sharing their thoughts about this, the couple reflects optimism.

Looking Ahead, online jewelry sales show they are gaining ground. According to the IBEF report, it is estimated to account for 1% to 2% of the fine jewelry segment by 2021-22. It may seem like a small percentage, but it amounts to a substantial figure given that the size of the Indian jewelry market is huge.

Currently valued at close to $60Bn Indian market is expected to touch $100Bn-$110Bn in the next four to five years. Hence, having come this far successfully, it would seem only natural to look ahead, she avers.

Finally, when we asked her to share some tips to guide young aspirants in jewelry business she expresses that a beginner wanting to work in the industry should spend time understanding the latest market trends.

One way is to go for brainstorming with key people. The technique according to her helps in introducing new products, bring new ideas, and formulate new strategies. It is often used to improve business strategies and marketing moves. Newcomers must be willing to go out and do a lot of networking. Studying other businesses and mentoring someone in need is a great way to learn and share.

Hence, her advice to beginners is to “Stay focused, be more optimistic and strive hard to achieve your goals. Also, apart from work, one must try to keep a healthy work-life balance.”

Moreover, with an ever-growing customer base, Ketan Diamonds is on its way to becoming India’s most trusted, dynamic, best-selling, and loved online jewelry store perfectly synchronizing with the 3 P’s – Purity, Perfection and Preciousness.

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